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Engineering, Prototyping, Product-, Set - Development

Our experince helps you to develop new products in a shorter time. Our support is based on a long time of manufacturing and developing surgical instruments. At Friedrich Daniels, we offer a full prototyping service, from a single prototype to clinical builds. You name it, we'll work to make it happen. With our precision machining, fabricating, and finishing services, we can build small quantities of components and instruments. And when you need to increase quantities, we have the manpower to meet your demands. Because our prototypes are built in the same manner that they would be in production, you get a more accurate representation of the final product. And with our short turnaround times and prompt responsiveness to your needs, we know your deadlines will be met.

Product Development

For over 50 years, Friedrich Daniels GmbH has developed, manufactured, and sold top-quality surgical instruments for surgical applications at our state-of-the-art production facilities in Solingen, Germany.

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