Anterior Discectomy System. See the BOM's for the appropriate systems. The BOM'S as well as the instruments can be customized to meet your requirements

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Anterior Discectomy System

AN-1-380-2 Kerrison Kerrison Rongeur 380mm, 2mm
AN-1-380-3   Kerrison Rongeur 380mm, 3mm
AN-1-380-4   Kerrison Rongeur 380mm, 4mm
AN-1-380-5   Kerrison Rongeur 380mm, 5mm
AN-1-380-6   Kerrison Rongeur 380mm, 6mm
AN-1-1-380-2 Pituitary Pituitary Rongeur 380mm, straight, 2mm
AN-1-1-380-3   Pituitary Rongeur 380mm, straight, 3mm
AN-1-1-380-4   Pituitary Rongeur 380mm, straight, 4mm
AN-1-1-380-5   Pituitary Rongeur 380mm, straight, 5mm
AN-1-1-380-6   Pituitary Rongeur 380mm, straight, 6mm
AN-1-2-380-2   Pituitary Rongeur 380mm, up angled, 2mm
AN-1-2-380-3   Pituitary Rongeur 380mm, up angled, 3mm
AN-1-2-380-4   Pituitary Rongeur 380mm, up angled, 4mm
AN-1-2-380-5   Pituitary Rongeur 380mm, up angled, 5mm
AN-1-2-380-6   Pituitary Rongeur 380mm, up angled, 6mm
AN-1-F-380-2 Foramenotomy Kerrison Foramenotomy Kerrison 380 mm, 2mm
AN-1-F-380-3   Foramenotomy Kerrison 380 mm, 3mm
AN-1-F-380-4   Foramenotomy Kerrison 380 mm, 4mm
AN-1-F-380-5   Foramenotomy Kerrison 380 mm, 5mm
AN-1-F-380-6   Foramenotomy Kerrison 380 mm, 6mm
AN-1-L-8 Leksell Rongeur Leksell Rongeur
AN-2-1-12 Osteotome Osteotome straight 12mm
AN-2-1-18   Osteotome straight 18mm
AN-2-1-21   Osteotome straight 21mm
AN-2-2-12   Osteotome curved 12mm
AN-2-2-18   Osteotome curved 18mm
AN-2-2-22   Osteotome curved 22mm
AN-3-1-12 Cobb Elevator Cobb Elevator, Straight 12mm
AN-3-1-18   Cobb Elevator, Straight 18mm
AN-3-1-22   Cobb Elevator, Straight 22mm
AN-3-3-12   Cobb Elevator, Down 12mm 
AN-3-3-18   Cobb Elevator, Down 18mm 
AN-3-3-22   Cobb Elevator, Down 22mm 
AN-3-2-12   Cobb Elevator, Up  12mm 
AN-3-2-18   Cobb Elevator, Up  18mm 
AN-3-2-22   Cobb Elevator, Up  22mm 
AN-4-1 Endplate Scraper Endplate Scraper, Push/Pull 
AN-5-1 Rasp  Rasp, Straight,  double side
AN-6 Scalpell handle Scalpell Handle
  Curette Curette Straight Size Cup width in mm
AN-7-1-0000   Curette Straight 0000 2,5
AN-7-1-000   Curette Straight  000 2,8
AN-7-1-00   Curette Straight  00 3,3
AN-7-1-0   Curette Straight 0 3,7
AN-7-1-1   Curette Straight 1 4,3
AN-7-1-2   Curette Straight 2 4,8
AN-7-1-3   Curette Straight 3 5,6
AN-7-1-4   Curette Straight 4 6,1
AN-7-1-5   Curette Straight 5 6,7
AN-7-1-6   Curette Straight 6 8,8
    Curette Down Pushing Size Cup width in mm
AN-7-3-0000   Curette Down Pushing 0000 2,5
AN-7-3-000   Curette Down Pushing 000 2,8
AN-7-3-00   Curette Down Pushing 00 3,3
AN-7-3-0   Curette Down Pushing 0 3,7
AN-7-3-1   Curette Down Pushing 1 4,3
AN-7-3-2   Curette Down Pushing 2 4,8
AN-7-3-3   Curette Down Pushing 3 5,6
AN-7-3-4   Curette Down Pushing 4 6,1
AN-7-3-5   Curette Down Pushing 5 6,7
AN-7-3-6   Curette Down Pushing 6 8,8
    Curette Up Size Cup width in mm
AN-7-2-0000   Curette Up 0000 2,5
AN-7-2-000   Curette Up 000 2,8
AN-7-2-00   Curette Up 00 3,3
AN-7-2-0   Curette Up 0 3,7
AN-7-2-1   Curette Up 1 4,3
AN-7-2-2   Curette Up 2 4,8
AN-7-2-3   Curette Up 3 5,6
AN-7-2-4   Curette Up 4 6,1
AN-7-2-5   Curette Up 5 6,7
AN-7-2-6   Curette Up 6 8,8
    Curette left angled Size Cup width in mm
AN-7-4-0000   Curette left angled 0000 2,5
AN-7-4-000   Curette left angled 000 2,8
AN-7-4-00   Curette left angled 00 3,3
AN-7-4-0   Curette left angled 0 3,7
AN-7-4-1   Curette left angled 1 4,3
AN-7-4-2   Curette left angled 2 4,8
AN-7-4-3   Curette left angled 3 5,6
AN-7-4-4   Curette left angled 4 6,1
AN-7-4-5   Curette left angled 5 6,7
AN-7-4-6   Curette left angled 6 8,8
    Curette right angled Size Cup width in mm
AN-7-5-0000   Curette right angled 0000 2,5
AN-7-5-000   Curette right angled 000 2,8
AN-7-5-00   Curette right angled 00 3,3
AN-7-5-0   Curette right angled 0 3,7
AN-7-5-1   Curette right angled 1 4,3
AN-7-5-2   Curette right angled 2 4,8
AN-7-5-3   Curette right angled 3 5,6
AN-7-5-4   Curette right angled 4 6,1
AN-7-5-5   Curette right angled 5 6,7
AN-7-5-6   Curette right angled 6 8,8
AN-13-1-8 Ring Curette Ring Curette 8mm    
AN-7-13-10   Ring Curette 10mm