Anterior Discectomy System

Anterior Discectomy SystemAn Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) procedure is a type of cervical spine surgery from the front (anterior) of the neck (cervical) that often successfully addresses spinal symptoms. ACDF surgery is a very common procedure relative to overall spine surgeries and has a long and studied record of positive outcomes. ACDF surgery consists of removing the damaged disc and then growing bone between the vertebrae above and below. ACDF procedures may be performed with the use of an implant, such as a plate, to provide support until fusion occurs.
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Anterior Discectomy System. See the BOM's for the appropriate systems. The BOM'S as well as the instruments can be customized to meet your requirements
Cobb Elevator down Angeled
Curette down pushing
Curette Straight
Endplate Scraper
Foramenotomy Kerrison
Pituitary up angled